Infantmassage in english

Respecting babies- supporting families

International Association of Infantmassage

You are very welcome to small groups of parent-baby-classes in english in my place in Berlin.

Please contact me for detailled information.

Within 5 classes in a weekly rhythm we come together to learn everything about nurturing touch and communication. Your baby is aged from 6 weeks to toddling? Come and join. It is only you who massages your baby. I will show you everything with my doll.

We talk about the benefits of touch, we share experiences with massaging and the babys will be supported in their need of being held, touched and caressed.

We relax, we talk, we practice massage, we come together!

„Respecting babies – supporting families“ is what is ment being a wonderful part of the classes and later in life.

Looking forward to meet you!